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I do not require any assistance with SEO improvements on my websites. I do not require any help to improve my search engine rankings. I do not require any help to be mentioned more in social media. I do not require any help with Web Design.

I also do not need to see any more emails from people that claim to be able to optimize a website for the search engines, yet fail to include a link to their own business website or, when they do include a link, it is to a site that is performing terribly badly in the search engines itself.

If I ever did want to work with SEO specialists I would only ever want to work with one that firstly does not mind mentioning the name of the company in the first contact email and secondly I would only ever work with one that had a website that was actually performing well in the search engines to prove how talented their own employees were.

(Quite frankly the only company I would ever work with for SEO purposes would be The Hoth)

I get lots of pointless emails of the type I described above each day filling up my inbox with offers of help to improve my website from all sorts of different companies that can barely get indexed by the search engines themselves and I certainly do not need to see any more.

I delete all of those emails without even reading them.

So although the SEO spammers will probably not even bother to read this message I would ask you not to waste time filling in a ticket with offers of what you can do for me SEO-wise unless you have a proven business and website.

The intense tone of this FAQ answer should show you how passionate I am in my determination to prove that I do not want the above kind of help.

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