Will you exchange links with my site?

Thank you for your interest in offering me a link exchange opportunity between our sites, however, I never exchange links with any sites anymore because they have become too much trouble to deal with.

All too often in the past, I have found that someone only wants a quick link from me, then has dropped my link from their site as soon as they can get away with it. They do this purely for SEO reasons.

If I do link out to a site it is only because I find the site to be a genuinely useful site to my readers, plus I make no promise to maintain the site link on my sites.

I also choose to remove links to other sites the moment I discover them to be broken links or not functioning in the same way as they were when I first created them.

(Quite frankly if you are really interested in SEO then the only company I could ever recommend you work with for SEO purposes would be The Hoth)

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