Will you give me credit for my content used on your sites?


If I have used an image, video or any other content anywhere on any of my sites and not given you the correct credit for your work then I am really sorry about it.

Some of the stock image and other content sites I have used over the years do seem to have changed their layouts, rules and procedures governing the use of the content available through them, and it is likely that I have simply not noticed that a site has changed how they operate.

By the same token I may have embedded content on one of my sites in such a way that the embed code supplied does not provide you with a credit as the original creator of that content.

As I have used several content provider sites over time, I would need to know the site that I have got your content from so that I can be certain not to repeat the same mistakes in future.

Please submit a ticket here to let me know the exact URL of one of my sites where I used your content and the text credit/link you require, or simply let me know the site details of where your content that I have used without the correct credit is from, and I will be sure to credit you properly for the use of the image and reply to you to let you know that I have done so.

Once again let me take this opportunity to apologize to you for not giving you the credit you deserve for your content used on any of my websites.

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