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How do I report broken links or other missing content?


Let me know on which page of which of my sites you found a link that was broken or let me know about any other missing content you have found on any of my sites.

To do that either send an email to:

yearn2earncashdotcom "@" (Please be aware that there is no guarantee I will receive it.)

Or simply submit a ticket here and in it include the site URL of the page you were on and let me know what the file was you were trying to download or what it was that you were expecting to find there.

I promise to fix the broken link and send you the link to the file as quickly as I possibly can if the file is still something I am able to distribute.

I will try and replace any content that is missing from the site using my backups and will reply to you to let you know when I have done so.

In the event that the file was something that was no longer available for whatever reason I will obviously not be able to send you the file and I apologize for wasting your time, but promise to let you know about it in a timely fashion.

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