Why where my ticket details not updated after I replied?

It depends on how you replied to your ticket.

If you replied to your support ticket via email and later find that the information on your ticket has not been updated, then it might be that your email did not arrive at this support desks email account.

(Just because an email is sent does not necessarily mean that it will arrive at its destination. For that reason I do not recommend replying to support tickets to update them.)

I only recommend updating support tickets by clicking on the help desks login link or on the ticket number that you find in each email so that you can update your support ticket via the help desk itself.

That way you can guarantee that your latest updates are added to each of your tickets and that they will be seen and replied to accordingly.

If you did actually reply to your support ticket via the help desk and later find that some of the information within your ticket was not updated then please feel free to start another ticket informing me of the issue because that is very important.

I would urgently like to know about that issue because it would sugest there was a serious error within the help desk itself that requires my attention.

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