Can you install WordPress for me?

Yes, its very probable that I can install WordPress for you for free.

However, before I commit to a yes or no answer, I will need to know who your current webhosting company is.

(Please note, if you do not currently have a webhosting company in mind then I will provide you with a link to my preferred webhosting company that I use for all my websites, you can then sign up through that link and then request a WordPress install immediately after purchasing hosting.)

If your current webhosting company makes the installation of WordPress a complete nightmare, or unduly time consuming, then I will immediately let you know so that you can go either go elsewhere to have the installation done for you or I will point you in the direction of the correct help documentation to do it yourself.

In order to proceed please submit a WordPress Install ticket with the following details:

1.The login link to your cPanel/webhosting login.

2.The website URL you wish WordPress to be installed on including the directory of that URL you wish to install into in the event that you want WordPress installed into a subdirectory of the main URL.

3.The username you would prefer to use for your WordPress login.

Please note the following:

Although I will install WordPress for you, I will not install any themes, plugins or change any settings within WordPress, but will instead make recommendations for someĀ  themes, plugins and settings that you may wish to consider changing yourself.

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